58 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 10/27/17

      1. We used to do costume parties when we were in our 20’s, but haven’t done one in years. My boys, well the twins, decided they are done. This is the first year they didn’t want to. My oldest stopped last year.

      1. I think its worse over in the States, but its very slowly coming over here. My son insists on going trick or treating and I am like, I never did that when I was young.

        Although when he was about 3 he was really excited about getting trick or treaters round, right up to the point when he realised he had to give away the chocolate

      1. The difference with Day of the Dead is that it is a celebration of ancestors and quite a party. The tradition goes back to before the Spanish conquest and the introduction of Christianity.

  1. I used to be. It was great fun helping my kids make costumes, trick or treaters coming, and then grandkids costumes, sewing, helping, all very much my cup of tea. Now no one comes to the door at the apartments, pretty sad really. 😩😂

      1. Well, you have a point. But children get candies and sweets all year round, so we don’t need to celebrate evil for that to happen. Anyway, your question inspired me to read the history of Halloween online in relation to Christianity and to understand why the gory costumes were needed, it’s quite fascinating what I found. Halloween was actually called All Hallows Eve, then to Hallow-e’en and finally to Halloween. It came from an All Saints Day celebrations in the early church era, a day set aside to remember the martyrs…etc., lots of interesting facts.😊

  2. Oh gosh no. I have never understood the excitement around dressing up as someone else. I got into it as much as needed when my son was little. I made costumes and did the pumpkin thing…went trick or treating….but only for him. 🙂

    However…I did meet Steve at a Halloween party. 🙂

  3. I like enjoying it through my nine-year-old’s eyes. She is so creative with her costumes. I don’t like the commercialization. Also, I know that when the Halloween displays come down in the stores, Christmas is next…too early…ignoring Thanksgiving.

  4. I was more of a fan when my children were small. But, I do enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes, as well as adults & I love giving out candy to the kids. I figure with so much evil going on in the world today, it’s a great feeling to just step back and allow kids to be kids and for adults to just enjoy something that brings some happiness and fun!

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