My Daily Observation: 10/27/17


I am hyper type A.  I am organized.  I have routines.  I have goals.  I believe you make your own luck.  But even I know there are times when you should go with the flow and let life work itself out.

You can push and push and push.  You can scream and yell.  You can try as hard as you can.  Then you can let go and stop fighting against the current.  The I Ching discusses this at length.  Stop fighting against the currents of life and learn to find the flow; then jump in and swim with the current.

It can be difficult to know when to put in extra effort and fight, fight, fight.  And it can be even more difficult to understand when it is time to stop fighting against the flow of life.  It has taken me years to recognize this even though I’m not always the best at flowing!

What will be, will be.

5 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 10/27/17

  1. An interesting post-Danny. It seems to me that when we are young we get used to barreling through life at great neck speed. However, as we age or contract a disability it is frustrating to adjust to limitations. My mind is still moving at the same speed I had years ago, but my body is not cooperating. I find my body slowing down whether I like it or not and the more I fight it the harder it is for me to move forward. Finally, I just gave in and realized to reaccess my physical attributes. No, I can’t keep up with my 3 yr. old granddaughter like I was able with her now 10 yr. old sister and her 15 yr. old cousin and it made me feel bad, less of a good Nonna. But, I realized and was pleasantly surprised to find that children are aware and compassionate and willing to adjust to my speed. Here is a cute example; We pick up our 10 yr. old granddaughter every day after school, we have been doing this since she was in pre-school. After we arrived home and she washed her hands and had her snack she started doing her homework. I was at my computer and my husband was watching TV. I suddenly got quite tired and told Michaella I was going to lay down for a few minutes, she said, “Ok, Nonna, are you alright”?
    “Yes, just a little tired all of a sudden”.
    “Ok”. As I lay down on my bed to take a rest she came into my room, “What’s the matter, honey”?
    “Nothing”, as she headed toward my desk, she picked up my cell phone and started walking toward the door. “What are you doing”? I asked.
    “I’m just taking your phone out to the living room with me in case someone calls, I don’t want anyone to wake you up, but don’t worry I won’t tell them you’re sleeping, I’ll just tell them you’re busy and will call them back as soon as you can”. ☺☺☺

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