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It seems like yesterday that I witnessed my mother exhale her last breath. In that exact moment, I realized the appropriateness of my Good Samaritan status. I was there for support as she transitioned to her new life, just as she was for me when I made my red-carpet entrance into the world. It was also the first time I’d been in the presence of, and an active participant in the process of death. I watched her body decompose over an excruciating three weeks. Like her drug dealer, I voluntarily provided the drugs while she test-drove which world she’d rather exist in. Until my mother, I’d only grieved endings. They were mainly of baggage which had run their course that I was forced to abandon. Grieving my mother is not the same. 3dc6af416a93ce5342ed62ab94078f10--love-and-death-quotes-friends-death-quotes

While “my girl” (nickname for her) loved reunions, choosing between family proved to be a laborious undertaking. Her rare…

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