My Daily Observation: 10/28/17

My Daily Observation: 10/28/17


There is a difference between staying busy and being productive.  In my line of work in marketing it is critical that I maintain some organization and understand how to be productive.    I watch other account execs keep themselves busy and run themselves ragged, living in a constant state of stress and panic.  I refuse to function in that environment.

When I was a younger version of Danny, I didn’t understand this principle and felt accomplished when I was able to stay busy all day.  I wore a badge on my chest and was the Sheriff of Busy Body Town.  It felt natural for me.  But as I have gotten older and matured I have come to understand that successful people work smarter not harder.

Many of us live our daily lives in much the same way.  We keep ourselves busy yet produce little.  We live in a constant state of stress and panic.  Don’t you deserve better?  Is it time to turn in your badge and resign your commission as sheriff?


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