Gut Feelings and Sign Language


Horses are not very verbal. Oh I know that in the movies they are always whinnying and neighing and snorting and nickering but to be honest that is just the sound department filling in so we know they are “horses”. In real life horses are quiet for the most part.  The first day of a horse show with horses arriving and getting settled into the horse show stabling then there is a lot of calling between the horses  a sort of “Hey! I’m in stall 22 where are you?” and  “Fred…where are you? I’m over here!”  But when horses are in pain they are silent. We have to follow the signs they give us.

One of the most painful and potentially  dangerous situations for a horse is colic. This is an intestinal upset that can be caused by a twisted intestine or a blockage.  How do we know the horse…

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