My Spooky Halloween Observation: 10/31/17

My Spooky Halloween Observation: 10/31/17


I don’t have a problem with Halloween, although I can understand why some people would.  The celebration has changed over the years and now seems to be a day to celebrate terror, horror movies and haunted houses.  I would imagine it is not what was intended when Christians adopted the early Gaelic tradition many, many years ago.

But with time things change, people change, religion changes and Halloween has changed.

When I was a kid we were allowed to dress up and go Trick or Treating.  It was fun, but not much more importance was placed on it than a night to get candy and dress in our favorite costume.  We were a church-going family and I clearly understood that Halloween was no more than what we made it.  It was fun and we kept it that way.

I guess some people look at it differently, seeing the holiday as a day to celebrate evil.  Personally, I believe certain things have no more power over a person than what that person makes of it.  Halloween can be as simple as a day to get candy or as extreme as believing it is Satanic.  I fall in the former belief zone.

I do not believe Halloween is much more than candy day.  So…”Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!!”


17 thoughts on “My Spooky Halloween Observation: 10/31/17

  1. I remember the same as you, dress up for school, have a party, go home, wait impatiently, then head to a few houses and get some candy. Now we build it up so much for months before. There were halloween decorations and Candy in the stores in September. And they already have christmas stuff rolling out! I agree with Lucinda, It is just a way for the big companies to make more money!

  2. It’s obvious big companies will take Halloween as an opportunity to make a profit, but honestly you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. I always set a budget to spend on candy, costumes and decorations. My kids like to make their own decor, it’s all part of the fun. Sometimes I recycle costumes or DIY them. Treats don’t have to be expensive either. I once made little bags of popcorn to hand out and the kids loved it. You don’t have to spend every last dime to have a good time.

  3. My dad tried to hide Halloween from my sister and me. Anyone who asked my parents if they were going to take us trick-or-treating was quickly shushed. Halloween wasn’t as commercial as it is today with tons of commercials and cartoon specials. It wasn’t until a family came for a visit with their kids dressed in costumes that the cat was out of the bag.

  4. I’ve never taken it so seriously as to regard it as any kind of homage to Satan. When I was a kid I went to a Catholic school and they told us that it was All Hallows Eve; the night before All Souls Day. So we kids thought that meant that all the “souls” wandered about having a night out before their special day on Nov.1.

    1. I guess it is what you make it. People who are really in to spiritual warfare take it seriously. They believe that people live in the middle of God and Satan battling. I never took Halloween that seriously and I think I turned out okay. lol

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