Danny’s World: Medicine Can Be Scary

Danny’s World: Medicine Can Be Scary

DannyToday I have an appointment with a big client so I’ll be getting ready for that.  On an unrelated note I had a really bad reaction to a medication last week that was scary.  While I was driving home from an appointment I developed a shaky eye that wouldn’t focus properly.   The issue lasted for about 5 minutes and then went away.

My doctor has now called in a new medication to help me with a little anxiety issue I’ve developed due to the MS.  It is funny that a lot of the people I know who live with MS develop anxiety issues.  I guess it has to do with the sensitivity to noisy environments and/or the stress of constantly being in pain.

At any rate I’ll start the new medication today.


28 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Medicine Can Be Scary

  1. My anxiety mostly comes when I am walking. Because I am so fearful of falling. I am constantly aware of what’s happening around me. It’s related to my balance, week legs, the neuropathy pain, and lack of agility.

  2. I never had anxiety until my muscle disease. Something about the uncertainty maybe, loss, frustration, unpredictability, or maybe just the chemicals changing in my brain with the seizures. I have no idea but anxiety sucks.
    Hoping the meds help. I get very overstimulated with loud and bright. I need quiet and calm or I notice things starting to go downhill

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