My Daily Observation: 11/2/17


“You cannot make people want to be great.”

Someone once quoted this to me as I was voicing my frustration with some people’s work ethic.  This quote has stuck with me ever since.  When I see sales people not responding to emails or not returning phone calls promptly I think of the quote above.  When I see people throwing trash out their car window I think of the quote above.  When I watch people neglect their health and fitness I think of the quote above.

The quote is actually a great personal mission statement or at minimum a great reminder for everyone who wants to be better-than.  It makes me wonder how many people have as their goal to be great at something.   When I started this blog I set as my goal to have over 100,000 followers and then figured out a plan to achieve my goal.  When I started my marketing career I set a goal to be the top producer in my company and then designed a plan to get their.  I want to be great at whatever I do.

Maybe not everyone is geared this way.  But why shouldn’t they?  Why shouldn’t every employee believe they can be the best at what they do?  Why shouldn’t every person understand they can be the best version of themselves?

Maybe I’m just way off here…it just seems like there are a lot of people accepting less-than.

22 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 11/2/17

    • I’m not sure what the hula hoop reference is all about, but fewer people need to aim higher and expect more of themselves. No one “normal” ever achieved anything spectacular in this world. Einstein, Steve Jobs, Truman, Ron Howard…none of these guys thought “I’ll just get a job at the bank and see how that works out.” lol

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  2. We all of greatness in us but too many look at the clods of dirt under their feet rather than the opportunities of moving dirt with an earth moving business. Sometimes, one who goes towards greatness, will inspire someone to do more. All that can happen, is to make someone more thirsty and cause them to seek some water. It always inspires me when one rises above the medicore to become their best. Grandma Moses started painting at 78 years old and became a famous painter. It is never too late. Danny, we will see you with 100,000 followers plus! Have an inspiring day!

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