21 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/3/17

  1. That’s a tough one. Those that started seeming good and turned out badly are easier to think of. I think one would be when I got laid off from a certain job and that led me to go back to grad school and a whole different profession.

  2. After the crash of 1987 I decided I needed to learn something about the stock market. I signed up for a night school course and went with foreboding. It was going to be boring. It was going to be incomprehensible. It would be about Math and I hated math and was so bad at it in school. The first lesson was just a bit bad and then…..the bug bit and I began to love it. Finished the course, took an official qualification course for stocks and then one for options and finally one for futures trading. I was off and running and trading equities became my second career.

      1. It is a fascinating world. It is all about the perception of reality as opposed to actual reality. I did short term trading based on charts and graphs. I set out to make a living, not to make a killing and that , I believe, is the best way to go with the market.

      2. See, to me that is doing something great. When someone steps out of their comfort zone, puts it on the line and marches into the unknown and succeeds. I admire that.

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