Meet thesecretblogofa30yearold!


I hate the word ‘anxiety.’ There’s something about it that rubs me the wrong way, even though it’s a feeling and emotion every single person possesses at one time or another. I hate how the word sounds and what it represents to me. I think I hate it, because for me, at times, it’s one of my strongest emotions.

It takes over.

I physically shake, I go pale, I feel sick, I can’t think straight, I can’t find my words, my tummy churns and I have the worse shits on earths. The worry and upset spreads through my body and I feel like I’m falling. Now I’m thinking about it, it is by far my strongest negative emotion. I think the bipolar makes it worse. I remember feeling like this since I was tiny. Before I was medicated and diagnosed in my 20’s I would feel like this for no…

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5 thoughts on “Meet thesecretblogofa30yearold!

  1. I really needed to see this. It was so meant to be. Thank you so very much . Anxiety this is it. This is what has caused me to not post for so long. I would love to chat at you about this. Have a great day.

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