Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/4/17


Let me ask you a question:

How often do you need to step away and recharge your mental batteries?

53 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/4/17

      • I can see that. I’ve found a way to shut that stuff out. I am incredibly sensitive to other people’s emotions so I get worn out easily in crowds. That’s why golf is perfect. Me, a friend a the course. it allows me to shut out the rest.

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  1. It’s automatically done each minute of my life. Take into consideration that I’m a teacher of Qigong and Tai chi with many years of experience so I know how to do it. Sometimes though I just need a little nap to recharge but since I sleep like a log at night this is relative rare. I can say that my all life and each action is about recharging.

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  2. Every day! Whether needed or not, noticable or not that I need it, I always step away and am mindful and go for a walk. I find afterwards I didn’t realize how stressed I was and return home refreshed

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  3. I have to take it daily even if I am not overly stressed. Sometimes more than three times a day if I am over stressed an am able to. But that is more of like a 5 minute time out in the bathroom with my ipod or whatever I have on me to calm me. And not like an hourly recharge. I take down time for at least an hour at one point everyday, sometimes more. I think because of my anxiety and other associated diagnoses I am a highly stressed person. if I don’t take time for myself it leads to more anxiety attacks, break downs, and panic attacks. If I don’t take care of myself and just let life and everyone get in the way of my self care it leads to me shutting down or attacks so bad I can’t leave my house for a few days to a week until I come back to reality. It use to be really bad as a child and teen years. I have found ways to manage it so I don’t get so worked up as much anymore, but one of those ways is actually taking time for myself that I need. 🙂 So if life is happening and I cannot run and hide, I give myself time out. When I am at home have free time and am able to I schedule down time. Down time is part of my daily routine. Routines also help manage my stress.

    Glad golf can help you recharge and you have a hobby you can do every week. 🙂 My main go to is listening to music, coloring (yes I am 29 years old almost 30 and still color in coloring books. But not like to be great at it, I just enjoy it. hahaha) write, watch a fav tv show or movie and/or just hang out quietly in my room are all things I use in my recharge moments.

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    • Whatever it takes to get you back on track, then do it. In the end you are the only YOU that exists and the world is not whole without you. Take care of yourself first and then tend to the rest. 🙂

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