52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/5/17

  1. I wish my list of goals was singular. Getting kids through school, including college, is foremost on the list. Remember those increased stressors I mentioned to you yesterday? This is a biggun’. Especially with 3 to consider. 😳

      1. I stopped thinking about goals when I gave up selling for a job. I suppose my goal is to maintain peace within and spread positivity around, especially to those in need.

  2. Keeping up with the increasing number of blogs I follow seems to be a major focus of late, and much as I sometimes think I should trim the list, I don’t want to give up any of them. Goals remain rather vague.

  3. Right now, I am on the mission field. At first it was my parents now just my mother. She has had so many health issues as well as my dad‘s death two a half years ago, she needs a lot of support, love, and encouragement and guidance. My focus is to help her be as positive and courageous as she can!

      1. At one point I wasn’t a goal person. I had lists of things I wanted but no path. When I became a goal person everything in my life changed; and I mean everything. I couldn’t recommend it more.

      2. don’t skip the question because I love the conversation. Pain is tough, I get it. For me, having goals, even small goals, allows me to deal with the day to day issues. But each person handles it differently.

  4. To avoid aiming for the wrong goal, my main goal right now is to juggle and think about different goals that I can pursue.

    This process can lead to stagnation of the mind in terms of actually making a goal your focus, but I think finding the right goal is important than running after an aimless one.

  5. Short term goals include, keep getting mentally well, one foot infront of the other, keep up with my blog and other people’s blogs. Long term goals would be be well enough to have a job again, to go to Disneyland (both of which are dependent on me getting mentally well) being able to earn a few quid from my blog and really get rid of the mental health stigma. Really long term goals would be things like helping my son become the amazing man I know he can be and me becoming queen of the world.

      1. getting well mentally, particularly getting the anxiety under control. That ties in with all the others, once I overcome anxiety and depression the job will then come, giving me enough money to go to disneyland because I got over anxiety, I will be able to actually get there. Raising my son is always going to be part and parcel of life. And I am hoping queen of the world just fulls into my lap without any effort on my part

      2. That is a great goal. I’m actually on a mission right now to control anxiety too. I’ve lived with it as long as I can recall, but I’m tired of feeling so bound.

      3. Part of my problem is it hit me late in life, so I have done things like visit South America on my own, travelled round bits of Europe with my boyfriend at the time and now I have panic attacks just leaving the house, so I know I can do it, its just fixing whichever bit of the brain chemistry that has gone wrong. I do however have to have the depression and mania under control, so I can say this is my idea from me, not from some diseased part of the brain

  6. My family and, namely, keeping my daughter on the path she is on (an A student and one of the kindest people I know). Beyond that, my goal is to work hard and set myself up for retirement.

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