My Daily Observation: 11/6/17


When life feels complicated or things are not going as you had hoped, sometimes it is best to reduce things down to the bare bones and get back to the basics.  I’ve always said this in the past to golfers in golf instruction: “Go back to the fundamentals when everything seems to be falling apart.”

This past weekend I did this with my blog.

For the last few months I would say I have been struggling with blogging; I felt like my page had become a little stale.  So on Thursday I told everyone that I would be returning to some of the types of posts that I published in the beginning days of Dream Big and boy did you guys respond!  The Share and Meet and Greet posts were wildly visited and it reminded me of the simple principle I mentioned above.

Life isn’t always super complicated.  Often times we compound our problems by lumping many problems into one so that it appears as if things are really worse than they might actually be.  It helps me to do a few simple things:

  1. Stop and breathe.  This might sound silly to some, but the point is to stop thinking for a moment and take a quick second to collect yourself.
  2. Stop asking others for their opinion or advice.  Too many voices is never a good thing so eliminate the exterior noise.
  3. Reduce the situation down to its basics.  So many times issues can seem much bigger and much more complicated so try to cut through all the “what ifs” to see the problem for exactly what it is.
  4. Look at the problem as an outsider and try to give yourself the same advice you might give a friend if they were going through the same issue.  This is one of my favorites and I use it often.  That is, right after I remind myself of step 1!
  5. Sometimes you don’t or can’t have an immediate solution so don’t think about fixing the problem.  Instead, try to determine what the next best step might be and focus on that.  Problems sometimes can seem overwhelming or frustrating and focusing on “how am I going to fix this” only makes things worse.  The better question is “what is my next best step?” and I find it reduces a lot of stress and anxiety.

I used these when thinking about my blog page over the last week and I was able to realize it was time for me to get back to the basics of my early years.  Guess what?  It worked or is working so far.

Try not to be your own enemy is these situations.  Turn the brain off and reduce things down a bit.  I think you might find that most problems are made worse by our brains!

Just a quick thought for a Monday morning!  Hope you have a great week and be sure to say hi.  I’d love to know some ways you make complicated things simple.



10 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 11/6/17

  1. Great post and great perspective!! When life gets complicated instead of stressing or complaining I try to the remember it can always be worse and I try to find one positive thing in that complicated situation. PMA positive mental attitude ❤️
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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