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Why Doesn't God Heal Me

Why doesn’t God heal me? Actually, I had never even asked that question until an unfortunate Facebook post made me start thinking about it.

There was a meme going around that included a statement about healthcare. The statement, made at a prayer breakfast, was something along the lines of, “What we need isn’t more healthcare. What we need is more of Jesus in our lives,” something completely expected at an event like that. My son saw that post and it definitely did not go over well with him. He responded quite strongly to it, referencing my faith, my illness, and the fact that I haven’t been healed.

Over the years he has seen me deal with debilitating migraines, surgery for endometriosis, and a catheter ablation to “burn off” what was described as an extra electrical connection in my heart. Now he’s out on his own and although he doesn’t see…

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