Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/7/17


Take a few moments to think before answering and then…Let me ask you a question:

Do you remember the first time you were ever disappointed? 

47 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/7/17

  1. What I remember was that I wasn’t allowed to go to Kindergarten with my best friend because she was born in September (the cut-off was September 30) and I was born on October 11. That stuck with me forever. Even now it upsets me. And I was the smarter of the two, she struggled along and I whizzed through my classes from the very beginning. Birth dates are a lousy way to decide how and when to start someone in school.

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  2. Yes, and I touched on it before. I was three, expected to keep a mirror from coming to harm as we were moving from house to farm. It was about ten miles? When we arrived I was so proud I had kept the mirror safe only to have it unceremoniously taken from me with no comment. Funny how the littlest thing can leave a lasting impression.

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  3. When I was in first grade my school was next to the Catholic Church and School. Every morning I would walk by the nuns in their long habits and I begged to go there. I wanted to be a nun and my mom told me I couldn’t because we were not Catholic. Later in life I remedied that.

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  4. I think the earliest was when my mum forgot to pick me up from school. She just had a really dippy moment and thought someone else was doing it, I must of been about 6. Plus side to this, the school eventually called the police, who took me home in a squad car and I got to use the sirens and everything. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I remember being really upset that she wouldn’t of forgotten my older sisters (just for the record, she has at one time or another forgotten all three of us at one point, dippy but otherwise a great mum)

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  5. I was also first disappointed by my mom. I was in kindergarden and we had some kind of midday event or ceremony in which I took part. I was disappointed and sad when I didn’t see my mom watching me. She arrived when it was all over. In her defense, she had to juggle a full-time job with her mommy duties. When I became a working mom myself, I’m sure I disappointed my kids a few times. In fact, thinking about this sort of disappointments and the cost of child care eventually led me to quit my teaching job and stay at home with my two younger children.

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  6. Unfortunately, I have the memory of an elephant (and the appetite as well, as a matter of fact), so I do remember. I was three years old and I had this robot toy with a sort of small TV monitor on it’s chest showing short film about dinosaurs. One day two of my aunts (my mom’s cousins) visited our house and I told them about the toy. They said they’d like to see it so I scampered into the house to get it. When I returned to the porch, my two aunts were gone and I just stood there alone holding that damned robot to my chest.

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  7. Ok, I remember buying my best friend a birthday card, I must have been around 8 at the time, then we fell out and she ripped the card in two. I was devastated because I knew my mum did not have a lot of money yet she bought the card. I have to admit giving my friend a hard slap for doing that 😏

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  8. The first time I was aware of my older brother (13 years older) getting in trouble at home. He was my hero and I thought he did everything right. What I found out later is that he showed me the wrong way to do things so I wouldn’t repeat them.

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