My Daily Observation: 11/7/17

My Daily Observation: 11/7/17


Have you ever watched water run downhill?  It flows toward the paths that offer the least resisted route to the bottom.  The type of energy in science that defines this is mechanical energy which has to do with the movement of objects.  It got me to thinking about how much energy I use when I move through my life.  That thought then led me to ask myself how much energy do I waste on unnecessary people, situations, worrying, etc.

So I’ll ask you: how much of your energy do you use thinking about others?  How much energy do you use spending time dealing with other people’s drama?  How much of your energy do you allow other people to steal from you?  How much of your energy do you allow worrying to take from you?

What if you stopped wasting your energy and put it to good use?  What if you stopped wasting energy and started applying it to something positive and productive?


10 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 11/7/17

  1. I am very lucky in that I have very little drama in my life, the bit I have is self inflicted and is usually through expecting too much of myself , but isn’t that something that we all do! I’m good at telling others to relax . Not so good at doing it 😬

  2. When I was younger, drama, usually of my own making, followed me, since I got older. I have gotten rid of the drama and some of the friends which would fan the flame, I have been known to still get involved in other people’s drama but very much from the sidelines in a supportive role, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about my friends, very much the opposite but a lot of drama is usually for attention, there are rare cases, which again I would be there in a supportive role, but otherwise I live a very boring life and its how I like it

    1. I agree with you 100%. Rarely is drama necessary and most of the time it is for attention. I am at an age now that i just avoid it. I don’t need many friends. lol

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