Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/8/17


Take a few moments to think before answering and then…Let me ask you a question:

Do you feel like your life is under control or out of control most of the time? 

55 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/8/17

  1. I try not to use the word control because I used to be a control freak, I prefer to live in the moment now and go with the flow. There is a much higher power pulling the strings and I’ve found it’s pointless to fight against it ❣️

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  2. Thats actually a really tough question, because for me, my life is based on a routine, its part of my OCD and part of me. However as someone who is also bipolar, I go manic and that is out of mine and everyone elses hands and we just go along for the ride.

    I suppose ultimately my life is routined. I can tell you in a second how much money I have in the bank account, on the next payday which bit of money is going where. Tell me the day and I can tell you the clubs my son has and what time I need to pick him up.

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  3. I have lost control in some ways and gained control in others the last four years. I think I like to be in control but circumstances don’t always allow that. In my younger years I was what you call a control freak, sad to say. Now I pretty much go with the flow.

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  4. I feel like it is under control. However I am not in control of external events such as the things that happen in my adult children’s lives or the decisions they make. Things happen with them that affect me but I can only control how I react.

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  5. I think my life is always more in control than out of control because of my OCD. I relate very much to what itsgoodtobecrazysometimes said.

    For the past 5 years, I’ve been working on relinquishing control because for me it’s not a place of safety (even though it’s often a false sense of safety) like it seems to be for most people. It’s work and it’s draining and it consumed my life for so many years.
    Control is a weird thing for me.

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