30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/12/17

  1. For me, I would have say Las Vegas. I’d never seen anyplace like it before or been where there is a 24/7 party mind set. I flew in after midnight where there were millions of neon lights glowing, slot machines going and people buzzing everywhere, it was a shock for me to see.

  2. I’ve not been everywhere, of course, but I’ve done my fair share of traveling. Seen and done some very unusual things along the way too. But, for my money, the most unusual place I’ve ever been is southern Louisiana. New Orleans, bayou country, Cajun country. It’s like no place I’ve ever experienced and it shows in the people, language, customs and rites, and the food. It’s quite the confluence of characters. 😃

  3. On an “entertainment” ship on the Nile River. I was one of the only three women in the room..myself, my sister and a belly dancer. and yes, I tried to learn how in front of over 200 men! lol

      1. It’s not unusual just different but yet alike. They have some of the same fast food restaurants like Subway, Carl’s Jr, Burger King, etc. The people are respectful and dress up a lot. Their laws are very different from here. Having a gun there is against the law. If they sing their National Anthem incorrectly they go to jail.

  4. A three million acre sheep station in central Australia. There were 10,000 sheep and no surface water. All the water , which was rust colored , came up from bore wells into troughs.

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