35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/13/17

  1. My ex boyfriend 2006 Range Rover.. I spilled pop onto the console and it got into the wiring and we had been heading back from Wisconsin Dells and the car electrical was wet which caused us to stall out on the highway and it cost about $2000 or more to fix.. I wasn’t allowed to drink any type on liquid in the truck after that..

  2. Well, there was the ’87 Honda Civic with the broken cam shaft, but I’m not sure I did anything to break it other than drive it. How about the computer monitor (19″ old fashioned tube type, not flat screen) that I set up by an open window and rain came in? My marriage? No, she broke that at least as much as I did. The company car I was driving (after the Honda broke)? No, the deer that jumped out of the dark broke that.

  3. I was driving a friends car and was T-boned at an intersection. The person that hit me didn’t have insurance but the good thing is that I did so I got her car fixed. Her car was never the same after it was fixed. She complained to me when ever it rained that her car was not 100%. I think this is one of the reasons we aren’t as tight as we used to be.

  4. Does “breaking” a car count? I drove a rental car head-on into a utility pole once. The car was totaled, utility pole snapped in half and laying on top of the car, with a multitude of police cars, a fire truck, two ambulances, and an electric company truck all dispatched to the scene. It was a fun night….and very expensive.

  5. I was on a date and got so nervous about the vintage Rolls Royce I was driving (my date lived for cars) that I drove it straight into a ditch! I haven’t gotten behind the wheel of someone else’s car since. Noooo—waaayyyy

      1. I went forward instead of backwards in my car and forgot to hit the brakes. I would like to offer the excuse that I had just passed my driving test, but having said that the car I was driving was completely unsuitable for a new driver and I panicked

      2. lucky for us the neighbours let us fix it out of insurance. I don’t think I have ever had something broken which can’t be mended. Always ended up cracked or scared but never broken beyond belief. Take a piece of paper scrunch it up,you get creases but its still the same bit of paper, smash something into thousands of pieces, its still there, its going to have cracks, it depends on how much effort you want to put into mending it will depend on how big those cracks are

      3. Good point. It’s easy to look at something broken and associate “irreparable” with it. It can be repaired although it will be slightly different.

      1. Just thankful it was the middle of a friday night shift and there were four different teams in over the weekend so we all stuck together and denied any knowledge when management got back on the monday. They couldn’t fire all eight of us!

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