This is Being Lydia!! It’s Out Of My Hands

Being Lydia!

“And so I stand here
Looking at all that I have made
Fallen in ruins
And it would seem that

It’s out of my hands
There’s nothing I can do
The best laid plans
Again have fallen through
I thought my world
Was under my command
Now I can’t believe
Just how glad I am
It’s out of my hands”

That is a song (by Carolyn Arends) I have loved and related to for many years. But the phrase “It’s Out Of My Hands” has taken on a more literal meaning for me lately.

The osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis in my hands have taken their toll and my grip is not what it used to be. I am continually dropping things. The worst part is that much of the time my restricted movement in my back and legs stops me from being able to pick up or clean…

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