Lady in red heels


Hello people.. so this dropped in mind and I took my tablet, and here I am….writing about Self confidence! You might wonder why i used that title?  I just wanted to use that cos I remembered how heels or clothes that I’m comfortable in boost my confidence on the day I wear them.   I’m weird..huh? 😂      Anyway…..
There are various ways to feel confident in a short time, (taking confident postures, speaking to yourself in the mirror, making some affirmations…etc). I talked about this sometime ago in Boost your confidence in 3mins
However, these only boost your level of confidence temporarily.

Now, I want to tell you what to do, to make self confidence part of you, to have an inbuilt self confidence.
This is the best way, I believe, confidence can be built.
It’s discipline, guys.. discipline and hardwork in what you do!
The inbuilt self confidence…

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