WHO I AM (maybe it’s best not to know too much at this point!)

Kim All Over My Face

So, either you have come here of your own free will or someone has dragged you here by your hair, protesting the whole way. Either way, you’re very welcome. Could those of you that are here voluntarily please surrender any sharp objects and try to keep twitching to a minimum. Cheers.

This is my introduction and I literally don’t have a clue what to tell you. Funny how we all think we know who we are and what we like doing until someone asks us to tell them about ourselves and we’re just dumb struck, and we end up saying something ridiculous like ‘erm, I like sweetcorn’. The basic stuff first then, yeah? That seems like the most logical move. My name is Kim (I would shake hands, but you’re reading this through a screen and I’m probably taking a nap). I’m 35 years old and I’ve got a 7…

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