This is getting beyond a joke

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Just to give you a rundown of the past year with regards to benefits, which while I am grateful to have, are horrible to be on and the hoops you have to jump through are stupid.

Nov: received a letter wanting to reassess me for ESA (Employment support allowance)

Jan: After a fight getting a home visit, I get assessed

Feb: ESA turn me down for the support allowance and put me in the work group

March: Receive a letter wanting to assess me for PIP (personal independence payment)

May: ESA turned me down for Mandatory consideration

July: PIP Assessment

August: I won the tribunal for my ESA and got it reinstated. Got turned down for PIP

September: Started to receive Working tax credits, my child tax credits go down

October: I lost the Mandatory consideration for PIP, ESA revealed that they didn’t think I had a partner. I lost…

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