14 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 11/18/17

      1. OK, for me personally, I would say I’ve lived a good life when I’ve actually been able to live it. Being able to see the world, to love, to help others – to truly be compassionate, to not put things/money/ desires ahead of people, to make the people I love understand that they are truly a gift & are loved, to have a great time & minimal regrets. I think for me, that would be living a good life.

  1. It depends on the person. If you ask society they will say get a full time job (8-5, 5 days a week or more) work until you almost are old enough to not enjoy retirement, put your kids in day care miss their first words and steps, so you can buy a huge house, three cars, biggest tvs etc. Correct me if I am wrong? But society has a very cookie cut skewed vison on success and happy and if you don’t fit into that, you are a misfit.

    If you ask me….A perfect dream life would be go to school for something you love and enjoy, so you can get a job in that field since you do spend the majority of your life at your job, so you better love it. Travel a lot! Give and help people it will make the world a better place and hope they pay it forward. Be humble. Enjoy the small accomplishments and little moments in life etc. I don’t know? But outside of this, that’s differs from different people. There are even people out there who can’t hold up a full time job, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you can survive is that you are truly happy.

  2. Living a good life, from my perception, is to experience peace and love, to express kindness for no reason, enjoy life as it is and doing whatever I can to be a part of change that focuses on everyone and everything enjoying the freedom to be who and what they are.

  3. Be happy, no matter it is you choose to do with it. Be kind, be loved, love, be a friend, help others, give of yourself. I don’t know, but I could go on and on. Simplest terms? Be a decent and kind human being, I suppose. 😊

  4. This is so wide open for an answer. For me so many things. Love unconditionally to your family, friends and complete strangers. Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted. I try and make it a point everyday to do something for someone without being asked. And you know what sometimes all someone needs is a smile. You never know what that smile could do to help them..

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