December 14 Meet & Greet

Freedom From Narcissism


This is so true.  I was physically abused in my first marriage.  When I finally left after three years, the bruises healed.  The emotional scars did not.

Ten years later I married again.  He never hit me, pushed me, hurt me physically in any way.  I was only with him for a year.  But I left with a lot of emotional scars.

Ten years later I married a third time.  This one was going to be different.  The difference is I stayed for ten years.  He never laid a hand on me.  I left with the worst emotional scars of all.

The other difference this time was that I became a Christian during the end of my marriage.  I made the decision to leave, not in anger but after much prayer and certainty that God did not create me for that life.  I left peacefully and rebuilt my life and…

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