Monday Minstrel: The Dance of Prey and Predator


Eddo Hoekstra is the living proof of Carl Jung’s phrase: “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Yesterday I wrote about Eddo (When Life Hands You Lemons) and how he did not descend into a sludge of despondency but has made lemonade out of a particularly brutal onslaught of lemons in his life.  When I spoke with Eddo I could see why he is so popular as an equestrian clinician. Eddo’s discipline is dressage but his words can apply to any riding discipline and in fact to life itself. Here  are some of Eddo’s mottos and his explanations of their meaning.

Control less. Create more. “I ask my students to focus on bringing things to life rather than controlling the horse. Controlling is not building a team.”

If you want your horse to listen closely you’ve got to learn to speak softly.


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