Let Me Ask You A Thanksgiving Day Question – 11/23/17


Let me ask you a question:

What do you take for granted for which  you should be more thankful?

24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Thanksgiving Day Question – 11/23/17

  1. A tricky question; If I’m really taking something for granted, how would I be aware that I should be more grateful for it? And, If I’m aware I should be more grateful for it, is it really taken for granted? I think its fluid, shifting around, like the days just walking around is easy, and others when the bursitis in my feet and knees is acting up and then I know to be thankful for those other days.

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  2. Having the life I have, in a free society, with work and shelter and food. We complain about this and that, the day-to-day BS. But we’ve got it better than a vast majority of the worlds population. We should be grateful every day.

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  3. The life I have. There’s so many people living in poverty, jobless, homeless. There’s so many people suffering the consequences of violence. It’s easy to take a peaceful life for granted.
    Also, time. I live every day taking the time I have for granted. I wake up every morning and think about living through one more day, when actually it’s one day less. We should all be thankful for the life and time we’ve been given.

    I have a question for you Danny (and for anyone else). Apart from being thankful for what we have, we should also think about what we’ve given. So what have you given this year? I know I should give more myself!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I can meet with a group of friends, at my house and perhaps have a dinner and spend an evening discussing anything we want. I can do this and have no fear that in the middle of the night the military will arrive and take me, or my husband and we will be “disappeared”. This is a reality in many parts of the world. I am grateful that is not the reality in my life in the country I live in.


  5. Being a mom. Sounds crazy right. My oldest daughter especially. It feels like I dropped her off for kindergarten and then my schedule allowed me to be there for her high school graduation. Deployments, ship’s schedules, duty days, and her living with her dad full time because of my Navy obligations made every thing seem like a blur. I was in between deployment work ups when she graduated college so I was there for that as well. It’s was kind of the same with my middle child also. When I had my son, I made a conscience decision not to miss his entire life too. I’m not all the way there yet but I have two more years before I retire. BUT I can honestly say that I have at least met one of his teachers.


  6. This is a great question. A question I have to ask myself often. At times, I take my mother for granted. She drives me crazy. Occasionally I joke saying I’d like to “throw momma from the train” however when I’m away from her I miss her terribly. I take my current boyfriend for granted along with all the living text messages he sends when we are apart. I take his generous kind heart for granted. My previous ex’s were so abusive emotionally. This one is everything I wish I had with my previous partners. I also take the money I do have for granted opposed to being thankful. Sometimes it’s never enough however I have to remind myself there are so many others who wish they had what I have. I live w my mom. I no longer have my own home but I have a place to live. Unlike so many thousands of homeless people who are living on the streets. I love this question because it’s a reminder that there are so many things, people etc to be thankful. I suppose it’s a reminder “I’m not where I’d like to be but thank god im not where I used to be!”

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  7. That I am still alive and able to reach out to others everyday. I am guilty of pissing and moaning that everyday is the same. Get up go to work go through the motions and repeat. We become or I should say I feel like a zombie someday’s just doing repeat and repeat. Shame on me!! I am blessed and am still this side of eternity. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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