Review; Maroon 5: “Red Pill Blues”

What's So Special About Music Anyways?

“Best 4 U” starts with a simple melodic figure through instrumentation and electronics that establish a faint groove that holds firm throughout the whole song. Vocals for the first verse join in quickly after, and these vocals emulate the relaxed vibe that the instrumental section has previously introduced. Throughout the selection, the band toys with the adding and subtracting of instruments; however, the instrumental part of this selection is primarily minimal so the vocals are clearly heard, and the vibe can remain mellow.

“What Lovers Do” features SZA, and it starts with a small, single tone motive that leads into the first verse that has a more upbeat back-track compared to the precious track. The background music to this song is minimal; however, it supplies a thicker groove that helps it to remain upbeat throughout the entire work. The lyrics of this song aren’t overly comprehensive, but they are quite…

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