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  1. Nature versus nurture? Maybe a little of both. Neurologists are finding connections between physical trauma like head injuries and the development of criminal and/or antisocial behavior. Brain chemistry is not simply dependent on genetics but also environmental and physical factors. Look forward to reading the other responses!

    1. I think the “nature vs. nurture” phrase is overused to the point that it creates a preconceived line of thought. How about this question…are there babies born to become criminals?

      1. It’s simply the phrase that immediately popped into my head when I read the question. No I don’t think there are babies born to be criminals, but may have neurological issues which lead to behaviors that left untreated may result in criminal behavior.

      2. I can see your point. So if someone has something in their make-up left untreated it would make sense that they might not have the ability to make the best decisions.

  2. No man was born good and perfect. No man was born a criminal. We all have a bit of both in us which is allowed as children. But as we grow up, we are expected to channel our maturity towards the good in us and shun the evil. Unfortunately, some people do the opposite hence end up as criminals. Nice question 😊

  3. My response to this question is developed. I feel all people are born innocent. So what I am saying is its all about free will and then of course perhaps how we are raised. For instance, grow up with all our needs met or see parental units struggle. Criminals could be desperate to provide for themselves or family.. Bottom line who really knows. I just feel its a choice.. Hope this makes sense. Have a great day.

  4. I believe the vast majority are developed as products of environment. There are some exceptions, like guys such as Dahmer, etc. But socioeconomics and lack of education and mental health issues left to fall through the cracks, etc are what leads people down that path.

      1. They’re bizarre. I had a friend in high school who’s dad was a well known psychologist who dealt with serial and mass murder criminals, interviewed them, and was a professor in the school of criminology at UofL specializing in the topic. He was fascinating to talk with. He said Ted Bundy was the most interesting subject he studied. Dahmer was another that he interviewed and studied. Interesting line of work he had. 😃

  5. Yes I agree, it’s a choice thing as well, you can choose to be a criminal or not. Eric Berne says everyone has the capacity to change except for the the seriously brain damaged. If criminals were born then we would be saying criminals begat criminals but we know that’s not true, they learn it as they grow n’est pas? 😘

  6. I think every individual is capable of becoming a criminal. Giving that some people can change for the worse depending on what has happened in their lives. But criminal’s can change if something changes their outlook on life as well. You can have a brother and sister or two brothers raised in the same family, only a year or two in the difference and one will be a criminal and one will not. Who is to say that it will be any other way. There has to be some part of the personality that comes into play.

      1. Don’t the majority of serial killers have a background of abuse of some form or another? I tend to not read about them to much, but the couple I know a little about came from horrible family lives. It is difficult to say that if they were raised differently they wouldn’t have become serial killers…Even for the small part that if a caring mother notices things wrong with her child, they seek out help for them.

  7. Difficult question for me as I do not have sufficient knowledge of genetics and criminality. Just going as a biscuit therefore I would have to say that there are some who seems to be born with severe leanings toward criminality of epic proportions ( serial killers, mass murderers etc) But others may suffer from childhood abuse that leads to mental illness and become criminals. For the most part I think we are born with a clean slate and we write on it what we choose to write.

  8. I think it is a mix of circumstances and choice. There is no white or black in this because a lot of factors go into knowing morality and being fortunate enough not to steal. This is basically a good essay question. Lol 😄

  9. I believe it is definitely both. However I don’t believe every human is capable of committing a crime, given the right genetics, they are raised right and never put in a desperate situation where they would have to commit such crimes. I don’t know if every single human would be capable of committing crimes, at least really vile acts that have consequences and hurts other people.

    But yes criminals can be born, but they can also be made by their upbringing, environment or nature. People are are say born with not all their screws tight, can be also made worse by environment. But if it is true we can change behavior, then people can also correct bad behavior or criminal behavior, but they need the right support and upbringing to do so.

    I do believe though any human being no matter how strong there morals are, or how good they are, if they are ever put in a desperate situation would commit a crime if it meant survival. But then if you are doing it in a life or death situation (you steal a sandwich so you can eat or say feed your family) it is still yes criminal, but does that make it a bit more justified? I have had stuff stolen from me and I use to respond very angrily. But then I thought maybe they needed it more than I did, I can get a new whatever it is or I can buy myself more food, so even though you are a piece of **** enjoy my charity. I would be less hurt or angry than say some spoiled rich kid taking my stuff. Than maybe that is a matter of who’s to judge?

      1. Yes I think genetics can play a factor in some incidents for sure. There are many theories on criminal behavior and I am not sure if any are entirely wrong. I think even society itself can create criminality for another example. It is something I am sure is still massively studied. I admittedly never have looked deep into studies on criminality or the science behind it, so my opinions are just my personal ones and personal observations of humanity. 🙂

  10. There are many kinds of being criminal, so I will assume, that you mean people behaving criminal and not mentally ill people. Then I will say, criminals are developed by the way, they have been raising, the environment, friends etc. I don’t think, that anyone are born criminal, but some are born mentally ill and this is very different. Those could be psychopaths, sociopaths etc.

      1. Some people are born with damages in their brain. They can easily be abused by others in different ways, also criminals. Others are born as psychopaths or sociopaths and often we don’t see this, before they become older or adults.

        Other kinds of mentally illness like fx narcissism are often learned in the family and few are born with the genetic sign for this.

  11. Depends on the type of criminal. There are psychopaths that I think have a genetic predisposition for violence and then there are those that are nurtured by the customs of their environment like politicians and crooked business men.

      1. I agree. I am beginning a new study on the relationship between psycho/sociopaths and industry leaders/ceos. Many CEOs are either sociopaths or psychopaths. It’s pretty interesting.

      2. I interact and have worked directly for a number of CEOs. Most seem to be sociopaths and a select few have psychopathic tendencies. I see many parallels in politics on both sides of the aisle.

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