Orphan Sunday and its MAJOR problem.

Lifting Taboos


As an orphan who has found a home, I am greatly offended by those people and churches who celebrate this thing called “orphan” Sunday.

I am deeply bothered because the “so-called” orphans, are actually no longer orphans. So why are we celebrating something that no longer is part of the child’s life?

Also, keeping in mind that at least 80% of children who are deemed “orphan” are actually not orphans but the Western World bends the rules to satisfy their need for a child….not the child’s need for a family. 

As an adoptive parent, I would NEVER subject the child I am raising to a day where she legally lost all of her connections. Thanks to the fact that her adoption was more of a kinship adoption, she has a very open and free relationship with her family. She has access to them just like they have access to her…

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