Why Did I Get All the Bad Stuff?

Peace from Panic

sad_girl_by_jordansart-d31brd4“Mom, I got all the bad stuff, and Mackenzie didn’t get any of it. Why did I have to get those things and not her?” Talee has asked this question many times over the years. It broke my heart when she compared herself to her sister.

Talee would say, “Listen to all the bad things I have: anxiety and panic attacks. Asthma when I play sports. I had to go to speech therapy to learn to say my ‘R’s’ and ‘L’s.’ I faint or throw up when I get shots or see blood. I have allergies and have to put spray in my nose almost every day. I tore my ACL (playing basketball) and had surgery. I had braces and Mackenzie didn’t. All Mackenzie ever had was a little acid reflux and she just couldn’t drink orange juice for a month. That’s not fair.”

I wondered what to say to…

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