Hands Across the Blogosphere!


I am always  amazed at the reach of blog posts.  When I look at the analytics for my blog I wonder…..who are all those people?  I believe these are all actual humans and not gremlins. I look at all the countries they are in and I realize that they have read my blog posts. A recent post “When Life Hands You Lemons” was particularly interesting. This is a post about a very courageous horseman, Eddo Hoekstra, who rose above crippling health events to continue to do what he loves; teaching others how to connect with their horses.

Here is how far that post reached.

Capture (2)

The largest numbers of readers were in Canada, which is now Eddo’s home country and in the USA where he teaches clinics. But look at all the other countries.


Eddo used to live in Bermuda  so there would be readers there. But South Korea? India?And…

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5 thoughts on “Hands Across the Blogosphere!

  1. I look at the state page often and have noticed an increase of views on my blog from Eastern Europe. I also like the way you can see the most viewed post. I use that information to set up the header slide show each week on my front page. I feature the most viewed older blogs on it.

    It certainly is amazing, isn’t it?

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