24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/26/17

  1. Motivation is oil. Inspiration is fire. ‘Pouring oil on the fire’. Boom. Action.

    I think they are intertwined and go hand in hand. You can’t have one, you need both. However the difference, in my opinion is simply this: inspiration comes from the heart. It is the guidance, the positive energy and the passion for an idea or cause. Then the mind kicks in and creates motivation. Which is the assertiveness, the fuel, the driving force to make that idea or cause a reality.


  2. Somerset Maugham once said:” there is no such thing as inspiration, only hard work.” I would tend to agree to the extent that the work opens the door for inspiration to enter.

      1. Motivation is what gets me and a lot of others out of bed and to me there is an element of discipline in it. Inspiration is that which can come like a flash or descend like the muse. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is remarkably absent. Motivation on the other hand is more reliably present and gets me moving.

    1. And I would disagree with Maugham. Inspiration can often be found with no work at all. I can find inspiration from watching a sport’s movie like Hoosiers or watching the ocean waves break on the shore.

      1. Fair enough. to each his own. I think that Maugham felt as a writer he needed to sit down at his desk every morning and write . He did not think it was going to get done if he waited for inspiration. That is what I agree with. I might get inspiration to write a blogpost but I need to sit down and write it. Some days I just need to sit down and write and see what comes out minus inspiration.

      2. I see what you are saying. Stephen King said the same thing. I read an article in which he stated he has never taken a day off from writing in his entire life. Excluding his stays in the hospital.

      3. I think that many people view creative art (painting, sculpture, writing, composing music) as something where the muse descends and the art flows forth. I think that even Mozart, who by all accounts had music flow from his mind to his paper with extraordinary elasticity, was in fact a hard worker. There is as much motivation as muse in the creative process. And with that I will shut up and get on with the day! Thanks for your questions though I look forward to them.

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