Black Friday Not Me!


Today is Black Friday that will be followed by Cyber Monday and God only knows how  many other days will be assigned to drive people toward more and more and more clutter in their lives.

But I’m not out on Black Friday. Basically because my budget won’t allow it. There is something else that my budget won’t allow it either, more clutter. I am trying to minimalize. I would hope that other people would try  to minimalize as well.

If a person seriously wants to give and appreciated gift during the holiday season, think of things that are useful, that do not create more clutter. For instance, why not give the gift of a magazine subscription of their favorite magazine or periodical? In order to reduce clutter, how about sending the electronic version? It can be saved forever digitally, it can be read at their leisure, and it is not…

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One thought on “Black Friday Not Me!

  1. On Black Friday I went to the grocery store and got the newspaper. So much for Black Friday. On Cyber Monday, I did the same thing and then got my car fixed (check engine light was on), and did no online shopping. Bah Humbug! on consumerism.

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