29 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/27/17

  1. I had discipline growing up as a child. My brother and I were normally great kids, but when needed my parents were sure to put the hammer down. As kids we were punished to our rooms for a time out, when finished my parents would explain why we got the punishment and basically not to do it again. xD My grandparents were a bit more stricter and old fashioned, they never spanked us, but there was a bit more of a severe punishment. Usually though they just had to separate my brother and I for nagging at each other and fighting with one another too much. Lol But our punishments never went without understanding and an explaination. I find when displining children whatever you choose it will always be pointless if you don’t have them understand what they did wrong. Kids are smarter than we think! When we got into our teens my parents would punish each other as they see fit. Lectures became more often cause they knew we could understand and disappointing them hurt more than a 5 minute time out. Time outs turned into doing more around the house and not allowed much freedom, was strictly school and chores. I think the time out also didn’t work into our teens because we had tvs in our rooms, cd players, laptops etc so sending us to our room would be no big deal. xD

    I think this helped play a huge factor into the self discipline I have today, and that is why I shared that story. I haven;t always had self discipline I will admit, made many mistakes into my twenties and procrastinated probably too much. Or maybe I just wasn’t quite ready to accept adulthood. Either way I now have great self discipline and now things get done when they need to get done, and I don;t wander off the beaten path too much. I see rewards and success for my discipline, even on days it seems difficult to maintain I still get out of bed and handle my business. 😀


  2. Hah! You didn’t specify we had to take a moment to think, today…. Unfortunately, I have nothing silly to say. I think blogging is what brings the most discipline in my everyday life. For everything else, I pretty much suck at discipline.

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      • I would say it depends on what you are being disciplined about, for example if you are disciplined about your savings and then put all your money on the goodtobecrazyhousingscheme based on the edge of Mons Klint (yes I am basing that on you) would that be stupid?

        I do agree that you should be able to make mistakes splashing out on occassion isn’t stupid but doing something,whether that is money,, relationships or whatever beyond your means in stupid

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      • Ohhh you had me at Møns Klint here… 😛

        But I must agree that it would be far more than stupid to risk all my hard earned savings like that. That would mean potentially risking not to be able to travel anymore… I can’t even imagine that! 😉

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      • I guess it is because if I’m not organised and on top of everything I fret about it, so I have to be disciplined to achieve that. I also enjoy the fact that things must be done. Such as “If you can get out of bed, you can go to work” (my dad) lol. “Times may change, but standards must be maintained” (unknown) but sounds a bit like Churchill 😀


  3. It varies. Not all of my disciplines kick in at the same time. If I’m dieting and exercising, I’m very focused. If I have a tight deadline at work, the dieting and exercising go out the window and the stress eating begins. It’s like the old act on T.V. where the guy tried to keep all of the plates spinnin on top of the skinny little sticks.

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