Love over a distance…

Ramblings of a wallflower

They say long distance relationships are hard. That they lead to break of trust and ultimately breakups. But if you read a bit longer, I think I can prove them wrong.

I love someone who’s a few thousand kilometers away from me. Whilst I live by myself, he lives with his family who make his day full, the way I should. Our schedules don’t always sync. I have lectures till late afternoon and sleep is the only thought in my mind when I come back home. He works till late afternoon too and sometimes I fall asleep before he gets back and miss our goodnight wishes.

We don’t get to share those 2am rooftop conversations under starry nights, out of nowhere hugs that piece together your whole world or the walks down a beautifully busy street hand in hand, that all the poets and novelists make us think what love…

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