47 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/29/17

      1. :>. As I get older and spend time with people who keep limiting themselves, I’m getting more specific about my language. That was why I answered that way. I do feel like I haven’t done it enough to know if I can’t do it. You have to try something for awhile to know. I have no interest in being one of the people who decide being alive long enough to age means physically you can’t be open to doing things. I say try again!!! :>

      2. I picked up on that and your comment actually made me think exactly the same. I say “I’m not a good ice skater”. But the truth is I haven’t tried in so long that I have no clue if I am good or bad.

      1. Some people can make it look so easy..

        And I really enjoyed watching someone skating well too…

        And always wish I could skate like that…
        Just like skiing ⛷…

        How do maneuver with that speed downhill????
        But I love to see a skillful skier ⛷

  1. I used to. The last time was at my daughter’s birthday party in the mountains. Just when my ankles stopped killing me, I fell and my knee blew up like a balloon. But skated all winter long as a child.

      1. I actually ruined the party, had to go to the ER after the young guy at the pond wrapped my bare leg with ice. You’re not supposed to put it directly on the skin. But when the ER doc took out this big needle to drain my knee, I was glad it was frozen! : ))

      2. Mouahahahaha (btw, tell Suze I was right about putting ice on hurt legs!! PLEEEAAAASE!)

        I hurt myself pretty badly too, once. I was about 7 years old, and I was practicing for a figure skating competition… In my routine, I had to walk on the little pointy dents on the front of my blades (making me look like I was walking like a ballerina, on the tip of my toes) and the dents decided not to let go of the ice… So I fell face first on the ice, and my upper lip opened from one side to the other!

        Fun times!

        (Sorry Danny… I just remembered we were on your blog here, and not mine… Dream Big Dream Often is so welcoming… got confused for a moment! 😛 )

  2. Yes I can! I am Canadian… I’d get kicked out of the country if I couldn’t!

    Wait!! No, I actually can’t!! **grin** Gotta go, I have some imigration papers to fill 😉

  3. As a teen I spent every weekend on the ice. Either playing hockey or practicing my figure skating. I wouldn’t dare try it now…old bones and ice do not mix well.

    1. I beg to differ… if you fall down (or just fall for that matter… I’ve never seen anyone fall up) you might appreciate ice on your hurting old bones. If you had old bones… Because you, Madame Suze are NOT old… You’ve just been young longer than others!!

  4. yep, where I grew up, there was a massive pond, which in the Victorian era, the men use to skate across during the winter to get to the train station to get to work. I still have no idea why my parents thought it was important thing for me to learn. We haven’t had a cold snap where you are able to put any weight on the ice on this pond for over 100 years

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