Diabetes Chronicles 8 – article against Keto (extremely low carb diets)

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

First off I want to say, I don’t mind doing this research as it helps me and perhaps you if you have type 2 Diabetes. Just remember I am not a doctor and I cannot vouch for this information. It is just stuff I have learned either over the years or is even new to me.

This article is against Keto (Ketogenic) low carb diets.

I was pushing this diet, but it wasn’t working for me. This article explains why it isn’t a good diet to follow. My son, studied nutrition, also is against the Keto diet, although he says he will support me in what I decide. I recently made the decision to stop it. I am watching my carbs and going low carb, but not following a strict Keto diet and after reading this new article I am rethinking just how bad it might be for me and…

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