Don’t Judge a Fish By Its Ability To Climb a Tree


Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,it will live his whole life believing that it is stupid.

and the same our Education system does.

Education system is the Law made by our government which is followed by schools and college’s.According to Forbes report India in ranked 92nd for its education system in 2017.Education system has been divided into three stages:

  • Primary education
  • Secondary educatio
  • Tertiary education

Primary education – Education given to children of age group between 6-14. 93% of Indian’s receive primary education.

Secondary education – Secondary education begins in grade 9 and lasts until grade 12.age group of 12-18.69% Indian’s receive secondary education.

Tertiary education-Higher education is stage of tertiary education.All Institute’s come under it. 31% Indian’s receive tertiary education.

Flaws in our education system:

  1. Serious lack of functional literacy.
  2. Disparity in various streams.
  3. Walk and talk…

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