31 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/30/17

      1. I’ll bet. My parents have retired in the last few years and have been able to be around the grand kids every day. It has been so valuable to them.

  1. Oh lord. There are too many to list just one. Grateful Dead shows, any Mardi Gras I’ve been to, every Spring Break trip was fantastic, etc. I just can’t narrow it down. If I was forced to pick just one thing though, it’d be watching my kids be born. It’s an amazing experience that is indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Both of ours were harrowing, but ended well, and they’re two moments of my life that I’ll never ever forget.

  2. Celebrating my birthday at Disney World. Without knowing it my birthday is the same day as Walt Disney (who happens to be someone I consider a mentor. Years ago I went to Disney World on my birthday to find parades, celebrations, fireworks, even though I discovered it was for Walt’s birthday, I imagined it was for my special day and had a blast all day.

  3. For me there are so many. If I had to just say one right now here in this moment. It would be 2004 I went to Disneyland with a dear friend of mine who has since passed away. Nancy was a go getter and she surprised me and took me there. Just said get x amount of days off from work. Road trip from Oregon to California. I had a awful fear of heights mind you and did not want to go on those roller coasters. But I did it thanks to her.. One day I am going back in her honor and memory and ride those same rides again.

  4. Giving birth, I was so high it was amazing. I had a right blast.

    I suppose other than that was discovering if you had a small child you could go into the soft play. The slides are amazing and if you went during the weekday, first thing you had the place to yourself.

      1. I have never been high, but now I see why people do it, I barely remember the birth, but I do remember laughing alot. It was also touch and go at one point, but as I know everything turned out alright, I can look back on it and just wonder if I am the only person out there who found the whole thing very funny.

  5. The most fun I’ve ever had are the times spent with my family. My kids, grandkids, my parents, my brother and my cousin. Family time is so important to me. I miss my dad and I miss the good times and especially the laughs shared with my family

    1. I am immediately transported. Why does it take us so long to “get it”? We spend so much time in our youth running around only to realize later in life that all that young people stuff is not that important.

      1. It is so true. I look back on my youth and all the time spent in bars and hanging out. That social stuff is important, but if I had spent a fraction of that time being more productive…lol

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