Sunday Trees: Autumn’s Transformation

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Autumn in Transition

As long as it is autumn, you will see a few more autumn-themed posts from me, and today is no exception.

From tree to tree for "Sunday Trees"

Both images are from my front and back yards. That redwood was planted 28 years ago (from a seedling I received at Cal Expo State Fair). It is the tallest tree in the neighborhood and makes a beautiful evergreen backdrop to the autumn show all around it.

I love to add an inspirational quote with these posts, but instead, discovered a lovely poem by another blogger. Rebekah Stephenson, who blogs at  We Live Inspired, wrote this beautiful poem, so perfect for the theme. I hope you like it. Please visit her lovely website.

“Leaves of gold, their former green,
The richest color briefly seen
A canopy of purest light,
Falls glittering down into the night.
As winds of change draw ever near
The trees, they seem to have no…

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