55 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/1/17

      1. My bet is you’ll find something. I was sick every holiday season, same time, same issue with watering eyes and scratchy throat. That has not happened to me since we went artificial.

  1. Ok, how dumb can I be? I read this and thought “who’d want fake trees? Does that even exist?? Fake flowers, ok. Fake plants… yeah, I’ve seen that. But fake trees? Really?? That must be an American thing!” Then I stopped and understood… Christmas tree. Of course. Yeah… we have those up here too. But not so much oxygen, it seems… LOL

    Oh, and my answer is both. I have a fake one, if it is a year I am not all that much into the Christmas spirit. And when I am a little more enthusiastic, the fake one stays in the closet, and we get a real one (smells so good in the apartment when we do 🙂 )

  2. We did live trees forever, until about 5 years ago. I love live trees, the look and smell. But the mess, them drying out quickly, and killing a tree made us decide to switch to a fake one. Though it is very realistic, and we found these pine scented sticks to hang around the tree for the scent. Works out pretty good. 😃

    1. Killing a tree 😛 How sentimental and caring of you. 🙂

      I remember I lived on a remote island where there are abundance of huge trees, rain forest etc and people would always cry about the loggers and big cuts when you would see them (they had no shortage of trees though trust me) I am like as sad as it is we dont cry about oil, water etc…..Animals, even humans tbh. Trees are like one of the actual renewable resources we have so when people kinda cry about it I am like meh. It is sad though to see big cuts that loggers have done though I will say, or when rare trees such as realy huge ones and such get cut down.

      Good answer though and glad to hear you made the switch.

  3. I have to agree with bobcabkings (although it’s taken 4 minutes for autocorrect to accept it) but the princess loves a fake tree. So I nod in appreciation and say how wonderful it looks. The tree lives in the loft and it looks like a real tree. See, I’m trying to be really Christmassy, yo ho ho 😏

  4. My favorite I would say live and a lot of it may be not just because the look alone or the smell etc, but my parents always got live Christmas trees growing up. However sometimes it’s a matter of convenience or situations. The hubby and I got a fake Christmas tree this year for space and convenience. The one good thing about fake trees I will say though besides they are great for people with allergies, but they have no mess! 🙂

      1. Yes going out and finding your own tree is pretty special. When I lived on a remote Island in British Columbia where trees were like in abundance, our family would go out pick out the perfect tree and cut it down and clean up the branches etc. Come home and drink hot chocolate, or tea. Although my dad and brother were more so coffee drinkers. Haha xD Luckily too the weather was really temperate, they really didn’t get winter there so was never too cold. 🙂

  5. Fake, I remember for a while my mum got real trees and I got really sad everytime she refused to replant them and let them die (I was 5-9) after that she went back to fake trees, I don’t think she could deal with the tantrum.

  6. Live or cut, but real. Got a fake one this year because of the prices were so high due to shortages. I’m already disappointed and it’s been “up” three days.

      1. We had to really search. We actually went to a place that sold trees primarily like crepe myrtles and weeping willows, and any ole tree to find a christmas tree. It was NOT your average looking christmas tree and infact the limbs were very thin. Very charlie brownish. Had no smell. So we put light ornaments on it. It was sweet though and we love the planted ones

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