My Daily Observation: 12/1/17


Bloggers email me asking for help.  They either want to figure out a way to get more people to follow their page or they want more interaction.  I think bloggers who want to grow their page are missing one crucial fact: they fail to build a tribe.

What does this mean and why is it important?  Building a tribe is a concept first introduced to me by Seth Godin.  If you are unfamiliar you can find plenty of great content on YouTube and I recommend you doing so after you finish reading this post.  Building a tribe means you take the time to associate your page with people who believe the same things you believe or care about the things about which you also care.  Basically it’s a way of bringing like minds together.

One of the challenges of building anything successful is to get others to care about what it is that you are doing.  If no one cares then your efforts could flounder which is the case with most bloggers.  My view is you don’t need everybody, you just need the right bodies.  Make sense?

Why is this important?  Many bloggers spend their efforts trying to appeal to the masses and for some there is nothing wrong with this strategy.  But when people simply aren’t engaging I think it is important to ask yourself what it is that you believe.  What is it that you care about?  Are there others who will care?  Are there enough people caring to help you reach your goals (if you have goals)?

You don’t need millions of readers to be successful.  Sometimes a tribe will be small, but effective.  I recommend spending time finding and connecting with people who believe in the same things in which you believe and then building a community of those types of people.  When people care about what you are doing, then and only then, will you find power for your cause.

Simon Sinek references this basic notion in explaining his Golden Ring concept.  People don’t buy, engage, follow, like for any other reason other than they buy-in to what you believe.  They believe the same as you.  And when people believe the same as you they don’t show for you, they show up for themselves.  They engage because they get something out of the relationship that helps them or reinforces their passion for what they believe.  It’s not forced labor, but a situation in which people will give their blood, sweat and tears.

The key is that in the situation I just mentioned, it isn’t about you, but about them.


13 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 12/1/17

  1. Good advice Danny 🙂
    It is not very easy to be a new blogger without knowledge about same, but by visiting, reading and commenting at others blogs, they will find out. Everything take time and blogging do demand time for both reading and writing.

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    • True. I guess my point is to be specific in which pages you visit, read and comment on. If a blogger truly wants to build an effective tribe those people need to have the potential of caring. For instance, I’m probably going to be more likely to care about a golf page than a cooking page. Why? I don’t really care about cooking, but I love golf. See my point?

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      • Yes, of course I do see your point Danny.
        While we are searching for new blogs to read, we do also use to search for something, as we find interest in, whatever it is golf, cooking or something else.


  2. Great advice. Interestingly enough I have found that equestrian bloggers ( of which I am one) are a group that does not engage much. There are some exceptions but many of them have few followers, few likes and despite my trying to engage with them then just do not respond. So now I save my time for those who do, whether they be horse people or not.

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    • So maybe they aren’t your tribe? Maybe it’s people like me who show an interest in horses, but don’t much experience? I’ll probably never touch a horse in my life but I love reading and watching your videos. It might take time to clearly understand who your tribe really is.

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      • I am coming to understand that. Also i don’t just post about my own horse and training as many horse bloggers do. I think there is so much of interest about horses : different types, different jobs, history etc. And non horse people such as yourself seem to find all the aspects interesting. My horse Biasini speaking is also very popular. Thanks for your comment i appreciate your input.

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      • Authors have the same issue as you are finding. Writers are more self-interested and struggle with the idea of finding a tribe. They think they should be able to write and people flock to them.


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