Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/2/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you prefer to work the same job for long periods of time or move from one job to another?    

36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/2/17

  1. I’ve been a freelance draughtsman since 1985 so can do the job I enjoy for different people in different places & different ares of industry – it keeps me fresh
    And now I’m an author with my third book just released the world is my oyster. 😀

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  2. My pattern has been to move every 4 to five years to a different job. I don’t know if I like it that way or that it’s just the way it happened. But sometimes I do feel like I need an extra shot of passion, and that may be the reason. But if I lose my passion for something, that’s my fault not the workplace.

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  3. I worked as a C.n.a at my current job for 15 years. I found myself bored. A good word would be stagnating, body and mind. This, to me, wasn’t healthy. I asked to change positions and they let me. I’m growing again!

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  4. My first career was in the performing arts so that is hardly an iron rice bowl type of job and you are continually moving from job to job. My second career was in the financial markets and I worked as an independent so it was not moving since I was working for myself and I was a great boss. HaHa!

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  5. My first proper adult job, I was there for over 10 years, due to what it was I had the same sort of job but different locations. After I had my son I set up my own little business working in local pubs and bars in the evening.

    Hopefully this time next year I will have a job, but certainly for the time being its going to be easy, no stress and hopefully flexiable. Some Employeers don’t like a lot of job jumping, so its a very fine line.


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