Accept, Adapt, Succeed

Tripping Through Treacle

How do you get over what life has dealt you, if it’s something that’s so bad that sometimes you can’t even bare it? Do you even get over it?

I don’t think you do get over it, I think that you learn to adapt to it.

MS has challenged the way that I feel about myself and my life.  In the past, I was definitely a ‘glass half full’ person – I’ve stated before that, as I didn’t have very many MS problems, I didn’t see any need to change my lifestyle or even to think about the fact that I had this life changing diagnosis.  I like to think that, on the whole, I still tend to look on the bright side – but maybe with the occasional chink of negativity.

I’m often get told that I’m ‘so strong’ and that I deal with my MS ‘so well’. But…

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