Dinner, What’s for?

The Rooster Times

served on LPs,
while the old Victrola
spun in the background,

Her earrings, my CDs,
over my plate,
tended to blind me from
her talents,

The noodles tasted
rather like plastic
not even ketchup would help
cover the magnetic taste
of my long-lost cassettes,

“Dolby” she said to me
in her tone-deafening way

“I want you to make love to me
at 45 RPM tonight”,

I just looked at the LPs
sizzling on the stove top,
wouldn’t be spinning on the old stereo

“All Right”, I said, “but I’m not as young
as I used to be”,

“Tomorrow you’ll have to accept
33 1⁄3, or I’m afraid the old vinyl just won’t last the night….”

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