62 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/4/17

  1. In shop every time… anywhere that gives me good customer service deserves to be supported, If we don’t use our local shops we’re not going to have any. Yes, the internet can be cheaper but they don’t have rent, rates and all of the overheads to pay out that shops do. Use your local shops or lose them. If we lose them you’ll only have your computer to talk to. What a depressing thought.

  2. I have never shopped online yet, but would really like to start so I personally don’t know if I can honestly answer this. In theory I think I would prefer online shopping as crowds, people, lights in stores can give me massive headaches (sun glasses I wear a lot in stores even on grey rainy days etc) the noise, and the busyness of stores give me a lot of anxiety. I often have to shop with my husband so he can help make tasks easier, so I don’t forget anything the first time and less overwhelming. So yes I am starting to look more into just shopping online and really am hoping it leads to a better experience. 🙂

  3. It varies a lot, depending on what for. Groceries? Furniture? In Store. Most electronics? On Line. Recently, my old drafting stool was breaking (After only 35 years? Such a disappointment!) and I went on Amazon to look for a new one. There were more than 50 pages of such things, many were the same item from different re-sellers, and I couldn’t sort by any useful criteria. I gave up and went to Walmart and got a bar stool the right height which I am sitting on as I type.

  4. Hands-down, online! I can’t wear clothes or shoes in the store. Because they don’t carry tall or narrow sizes in the stores. I have Begun ordering my groceries from Walmart online and then picking them up. It is an incredible service!

      1. We humans need our supplies of course. I buy toilet paper at the grocery store not on line. My food comes from a grocery store, farmers market’s, and food delivery service. The answer can be both. It depends on what it is. I don’t like to wander anywhere and look at stuff or for stuff.

      1. I don’t really feel like dealing with the crowds these days. They aren’t paying attention and drive crazy. Plus, a lot of places offer the same discounts and items online with free shipping. For example, I just bought my son a jacket for $35 yesterday and they offered me 35 percent off and free shipping. The jacket was originally $100.

  5. Depending on what I’m shopping for, of course. But anything I don’t need to try on for size, I prefer buying online. I get no kick out of battling crowds and lugging bags and packages to the car!

  6. In person but a lot of my favorite stores have closed or gone out of business. Very frustrating when you are shaped with curves. Shopping online is like rolling the dice if I buy clothes. May fit. May not. Bad part is that I’m lazy so I won’t send it back. Then the clothes go to that place…the black hole in my closet.

  7. I prefer going to brick and mortar but they are making it harder to not go online. I went to batteries plus yesterday to find rechargeable CR123A batteries (note the name, they specialize in batteries). The response I got, I can order that for you. Gee thanks, I can order it myself.

  8. Online! No perfumes, no crowds, no car crashes, no crazy drivers, no finding a ride to get there and someone to lift my scooter. Just point and click and done!

      1. In this case I don’t understand why your wife chooses the clothes. If you ship online yourself you also don’t have to go through the process if trying them on 😉 and you might end up with some pieces you love.

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