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      1. I was pulling your leg (again…. sorry 😉 ) I don’t list my goals, but I do have a bucket list with goals I write on little papers in a Mason jar. Every year, I check them, check the ones I have achieved and add some too… It is very rewarding to see the checked ones pile up 🙂

  1. The goals I set have very little to do with the start of the new year, are frequently a fluid thing, and are not written down. At this point, the plan is to stay the course, regardless of the date.

      1. Don’t really need to. If I put my mind to something, I just get it done. If it doesn’t work out, I let it go and move on. Now, grocery lists? If I don’t write those down, I’m gonna be going back out. 😃

      2. And it does seem like you have your life together which is a good thing. For me, I had to start writing things down to keep me on track. it was part of breaking the habit of procrastination.

      3. Hahaha. I don’t how together I am, as it feels like organized chaos most days, and schedules and events must be written down or I’ll forget. But a goal? Don’t usually forget about those. Don’t always achieve them either, but they’re not forgotten. 😃

  2. I think I will write tham down, I am not yet decided on all the the goals but I want to publish something of my own coming year, this goal is The Goal of 2018 for me.
    I have also thought of a few more but I am going to save them for my diary. 😉
    Thank you for making me think about it!

  3. Lofty goals not for me. I don’t plan ahead. I just go day to day and hope for the best. Planning used to be my thing when I was younger and had people depending on me. Now I find it’s useless because just when you think it’s going to be this-way, it turns out that-way instead. I’ve learned to go with the flow.

      1. I know for me that getting “well” involves much more than my meds which I am off of at the moment. I’ve got to get a few pounds off which means I’ve gotta choose better foods. lol

      2. For me at the moment, the meds are hopefully what is going to take me that extra step I need, my anxiety is so bad now, that I rarely venture from my house, not necessarily because of the actual leaving, but because of the come down afterwards and that is what I need to work on. No one is going to hire someone who can work one day and then need 2 days off to recover

      3. Thank you, I am in a much better place than this time last year, so am hopeful this is going to be my year. I am not a fan of meds usually, however I have hit a brick wall, so while I am trying to smash it, I will take any help offered.

  4. I don’t really believe in the whole New year thing. Kinda reminds me of the saying “Why wait for tomorrow when you can do or start today” …. Why wait for the new year when you can start your goals now aka this year? xD

      1. I think I forget to write down small goals even if they are like a goal for the day, and then later I sometimes forget to accomplish the goal. And that can be really aggravating cause I don’t like leaving things for the next day. I use to procrastinate a lot and now that I don’t, when I forget to do something even if it is something small, I get really frustrated.

        So I do write down notes all the time, long term and short term goals and steps in how I will accomplish them etc. I do write most of my goals down, I just think sometimes I forget too or think I don’t need too. But I do write like all my short and long term goals in one of my many notebooks I have. Something else I do is I have like a home made/DIY monthly planner and at the end I always make a blank page and call it monthly goals or things to get done this month and write them down there. I am overall organized. Writing my goals down really do help me not just be organized, but to keep on track in what I need to get done to be successful or say get to the next step.

  5. The only specific goal that comes to mind is to finish getting this house ready to get it on the market. That’s down to cleaning, sorting out the basement, and some touch up painting outside that can’t be done now until Spring. No, I don’t write them down, except that I just did. LOL

  6. I’m going to loose weight and get fit. Actually that is absolutely not true for me. I need to gain weight and I am fit. But people always put stuff down on their goals for the New Year. I am going to write a post about the whole list of goals or resolutions thing. It is just percolating in my head at the moment. And yes I usually write down some objectives (flexible ones) for a new year.

      1. Because I write everything down. I have a day timer and everything for the day, the month and the coming year goes into it. I have done this since I was in university. Also writing them down makes me clarify exactly what the goal is. And when I see it on the page I can decide if it is smart, realistic etc.

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