25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/6/17

    1. I wasn’t snooping, but did accidentally came across the pay rates of fellow employees many years ago. It made me feel bad for them and I wish I had never seen it.

  1. Around 2 months ago, I found out, that I had clothe, as I would never get to use again. Then I cleaned out and delivered for someone else in need, which we here, where I live do by placing bags beside the containers in daytime. All containers are emptied in the mornings, so a little later, so someone will find and take it. I like that kind of recycling.

    1. lol. I think we are on different wave lenghts. Snooping as in looking for info on someone or something and then finding something out about someone that you wish you hadn’t discovered.

  2. Some years ago my girlfriend at the time and I were Christmas shopping and when we were done she asked me to hold her bags while she visited the ladies. We had shopped separately for a short time to get each others presents. I always had a reputation for snooping around trying to find my presents. So……….. yup I had a peak in her bags. When she returned I said,’Love the shirt and the trousers, so glad you got me those two books as well.’ She burst into tears. I can honestly say I have never snooped since and I still feel bad today 🙁 .

  3. Finding something unwelcome while looking for something else (what it was, now forgotten) doesn’t quite count as snooping, but when the found thing is someone else’s diary … I never told her and didn’t confront, but I knew we were nearly over.

  4. Last month, I was snooping around on my niece, she’s thirteen years old. I had to confront her on more then one thing I found this was not easy or fun. Ignorance is bliss!

  5. Not me, but the worst thing I heard was a friend of mine found her sister’s husband on a dating site. It wasn’t an old photo.

    I am trying to think, I don’t think I have ever snooped, I suppose the closest I came was when I was worried about a friend of mine and checked around a stack load of internet sites to see if I could find her, I came across her work email and debated for a while whether to use it, till I went with just writing her a simple letter. Now that is how we usually communicate, unless its important, then we use facebook.

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