My Daily Observation: 12/6/17

My Daily Observation: 12/6/17


Quite a few of you have emailed me asking about the post I wrote a few days back about Seth Godin’s concept of building a “tribe” and engaging with people who care.  One of the toughest things to do in life is to get an idea or thought or invention to spread through a population.  As bloggers this is a common goal: “I want to get my page to more people.”

But what if this is the wrong goal?  I’ve always said you don’t need everybody, you just need the right bodies.  If you manage to find the right group of people to connect with AND they buy-in to what it is that you are doing, then they will do most of the work for you.  Ultimately what you have to do is lead them.

I see 2 common mistakes among bloggers who desire to grow: they don’t find their tribe and/or they don’t lead their tribe.  Topics on which one could build a tribe could be: golfing with hickory shafted clubs, love for a particular genre of anime comic books, a fan club for a specific race car driver or the love of a particular band.  In my opinion the passion needs to be specific, not general.  iPhone enthusiasts stand in line, in the rain, all night to be the first to have the latest Apple phone product and then tell everyone in their life what they did and how awesome the new phone is.  No one forced them to do anything, they choose to do it of their own freewill because they have passion for the latest Apple smart phone innovations.  Their passion is much more specific than technology in general or mobile phone technology for that matter.  The passion comes from their love of Apple and more specifically, the iPhone.

Do you see my point?  Sometimes bloggers spin their wheels in a mud pit of frustration because no one will listen to them all the while posting content that is incredibly similar to what thousands of other bloggers are already posting.  The fact is that if you are ordinary (too much like everyone else), then you are invisible.  Maybe you need to get more specific and say something that no one else is saying and then get that message out to the right group in order to begin building your community?


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  1. I get what you are saying, but I personally think you are wrong, if you look at my blog, you are going to find tons of mental health bloggers, all blogging about roughly the same thing. Or blogs who put photos of their cats up, for me personally its the way you engage with the people, I find I comment on a lot more blogs of people who are going to engage with me, from the first time I visit their page onwards.

    1. Ok, but I think you actually made my point for me. Let me ask you this…why do those people engage with you and vice versa? And then the second point is this post is speaking directly to people who haven’t found their voice or tribe yet. It sounds to me like you have so you are making the exact point I’m trying to put forth.

      1. I don’t think you are wrong as such. However it reads to me, more like you are talking about content, then anything else, maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick on that? Content is always going to be important and I don’t deny that. Maybe I am reading it all wrong Danny

      2. Ok. I’m not talking about content necessarily but on the topic around which one builds a community. And one blog (take mine for instance) might have a couple things that people connect with. I have MS, reblogging and my perspectives all of which bring people to my page. The point is when someone is struggling to get any engagement it usually has to do with who they are attempting to engage with. Sometimes the best strategy is to get more hyperfocus and find a smaller group who is truly interested in what it is that you have to say; a group who cares. Does that make more sense?

      3. It also might help if you didn’t read the first post. It is also not out of the realm of possibility that I didn’t convey my thoughts well enough for others to understand. lol

  2. Interesting exchange in the comments above. I have only recently realized that I do have a tribe and a loyal bunch in that tribe. The surprise for me is that I did not know there was such a tribe out there looking for what I am posting about. And the process of finding my tribe and identifying it has been thanks to these recent posts by you Danny and the Seth Godin videos. It’s a good day when I can learn something new.

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